About Us

Our company, which was founded in 1995 by architects and engineers experienced in projects and applications, has adopted the principle of working with teams that are experts in their own fields.

As Kaçkar Yapı, we believe that we have succeeded in coming to the fore in the sector with all our works that we produce and implement using our own material stock without compromising the total quality understanding. Since we are an application-based company, assisting the implementing companies and teams in technical terms is the most important factor that makes Kaçkar Yapı different. We believe it adds value

Kaçkar Yapı, Bir Projeye Başlamadan Önce Sizin Gibi   DÜŞÜNÜR !

Alanında Uzman Ekip

Kaçkar Yapı alanında uzman ekip ve deneyimli personeli ile projelerinizi en iyi şekilde hazırlamaktadır.

Ürün Satış ve Destek

Kaçkar Yapı olarak alanında en iyi markaların ürünlerini sizler için sunuyoruz. Satış sonrası destek hizmetimiz vardır

Proje Uygulama

Kaçkar Yapı designs the most stylish and usable projects with its expert and experienced architects.

En ince ayrıntısına kadar , hiç bir detayı gözden kaçırmadan , büyük bir özenle    PLANLAR !

Kaçkar Yapı has a mindset that applies the concept of standard overtime for daily work flow, but plans the next day by calculating with a 24-hour mindset. Because this is a strong pleasure for his philosophy of life and his work.

It plans everything that should be in a project with its professional drawing team, down to the smallest detail, without missing any detail. Because the perfect plan and design covers 50% of a project, it makes it easier for the works to proceed without mistakes at the time of implementation, and ensures that the result is reached quickly and safely.

Before starting a project, Kaçkar Yapı supplies all necessary products and brands according to quality standards and builds the project as it should be.